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Our Response to the Climate Emergency

February 1-10, 2020

Christiana Figueres

International Leader on Global Climate Change
Christiana Figueres

Christiana believes in the power of choice. In her new book 'The Future We Choose', Christiana models a stubborn global optimism and encourages us to make clear decisions about focusing our energies toward climate solutions. She shares about Countdown and other global initiatives that are limiting the effects of climate change and about how our actions can be more effective when we shift our mindset from scarcity to abundance.

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  • Introduction
  • Despair & Hope
  • Global optimism as a supportive practice in our time
  • New book: The Future We Choose
  • The fairytale of growth
  • Regenerative economic growth
  • Countdown and other hopeful projects
  • From scarcity to abundance
Christiana Figueres

Christiana Figueres was Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) from 2010-2016. She is Founding Partner of Global Optimism and convenor of Mission 2020, a global initiative to drive urgent action to limit the effects of climate change, particularly for the most vulnerable people and countries. With radical collaboration and stubborn optimism it aims to bend the curve of global GHG emissions by 2020, enabling humanity to flourish.


Global Optimism

UN's Framework Convention on Climate Change

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  • Margaret

    Is there a way to reduce the fuzziness in Kosha’s mic? It’s understandable, but hard on the ears.

  • Alice Güntert

    Could economic growth with sustainable efforts be aided by a world currency based on the biodiversity a landscape produces? How could such a currency evolve? 1 Aaare Dollar reflect the diversity of life that one Aare of Permaculture/Ecovillage space holds? (Of course every landscape is different, this value could be based on an averaged value)

    An Aare land = 10 x 10 meters

  • Scott Ligertwood

    Thanks for your feedback Margaret. We have used a vast array of technical wizardry to clean up the fuzziness from Kosha’s mic and apologise if it is hard on your ears. I suggest lowering the volume on your speakers. Thank you for your participation in the Summit.
    With care Scott and the Tech team.

  • Teodra

    Coral farming….!
    Here in Japan, in Okinawa, despite the unitary expression of protest by the majority of the residents , coral reef destruction is initiated by the government everyday to build the U.S.military base.

    As Christiana said, no time to despair; by sharing this deep sorrow here helps me not get engulfed in it, but instead, be motivated to do what is possible on a day to day basis. Taking part in & sharing this summit is but one of them.Thank you

  • Mireille Lucas

    This is my favourite speaker so far. Thank you!

    What I got into this shift is as follows: Leaders with an abundance-based mindset focus on possibilities. Having an abundance-based mentality also frees you up from the chains of negativity. A scarcity-based mentality is always looking at what’s not working. As a result, you’re inherently restricted and incapable of maximizing your unique strengths and competitive advantages. Abundance focuses on what is working and what is possible unconstrained by limiting beliefs.

    Still, there will be no guarantee that this will solve our current issues. I am looking forward to more possibilities to be developed by further speakers to complete the puzzle.

  • Alice Güntert

    4 years ago I entered the following thoughts on my LinkedIn Profile…following todays talk I think my question is still relevant:

    overseas, the Swiss official organ for international development tailors staff to evaluate socio-economic problems as diverse as potato breeding in Bolivia to elephant-human interactions in Africa. In the field, the highly skilled staff of the Swiss Development Corporation know how to discriminate between many inter-cultural descrepancies.

    Yet the refugee integration system of Switzerland attempts to treat all ethnic groups across the board as if they are all the same. Would a closer look at Permaculture Production Systems provide the insight to inner Swiss politics to advance refugee integration to the level of SDC aid?

    Basics of Permaculture Production can be taught inside 5 weekends. The International permaculture community offer a standardized program in diverse world languages. Offering permaculture perspectives to the incoming refugees may imprint powerful positive perspectives for community development among themselves, as they wait to return to their homelands, while rejuvenating lost hope for whatever their future hold in store for them here.

    In view of the vast numbers of refugees streaming to Europe…why can’t we organize Permaculture Camps in the Refugee centers?

  • kumah drah

    Kosha, your question about despair and hope to every interviewee continues to elicit interesting and inspiring answers.
    The fire and the responses of the victim including chasing the arsonist paint a very practical and didactic picture of the climate emergency facing the world.
    Christiana, thanks for your simplicity and moderation. Looking forward to reading your new book which suggests the choice we are to make. I appreciate why you not like advising others, lol.

  • Let’s hope the event in 10/10/20 turns the tide. AND there have been so many events that evoke such a sense of promise. AND we are where we are – trying to turn the tide. It’s a mighty thing, that tide. Apparently ruled by gravity. Maybe levity could do it? What did it in Paris in 2015?

  • roberto hinestrosa

    Cristiana, thank you for your inspiring words and for your work,
    I design and begin to develope an extraordinary project in my region that addresses some of the concerns we share.
    I agree that no one has the solution, but I think this ideas offer practical solutions for the everyday situations that any person in a city can face, and could help to contibute to a better situation. They can be scaled and can be used in a segment that can make an impact in what is going on. economy food education culture water
    Please please please contact me, my email is [email protected] whatsapp +52 664 1234426
    area code Tijuana Baja California México,
    gracias, gracias, gracias namaste

  • Elizabeth Hubbard

    How do I contact Christiana Figueres?

    Thank you,

    Libby Hubbard, EdD

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