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February 1-10, 2020

Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq

Shaman, Traditional Healer, Storyteller, International Speaker
Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq

Agaanagaq words land deeply in our hearts and his presence is meeting us far beyond words. He is a shaman, healer, and storyteller and shares with us the stories of the big ice melting in his home, the Far North from Kalaallit Nunaat in Greenland. Through his stories, he pictures what the indigenous people knew already from the very first beginning: That climate change is real and that it calls in the significance of spirituality. His spiritual task - given by his mother - is to "melt the ice in the heart of men", so he traveled all around the world to share his wisdom and to invoke the opening of our hearts and connection to ourselves, each other, and spirit.

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  • Introduction
  • Stories of the big ice melting
  • The effects of the ice melting
  • Opening our hearts and acting differently as Earth Citizens
  • Creating community and a better life
  • Closing prayer
Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq

Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq is a shaman, healer and storyteller whose family belongs to the traditional healers of the Far North from Kalaallit Nunaat, Greenland. His spiritual task - given by his mother - is to "melt the ice in the heart of men".  Angaangaq is a keynote speaker at international conferences on climate change, environmental and indigenous issues. He has been quoted on the effects of global warming in Greenland, has represented Arctic peoples in the United Nations General Assembly, and frequently speaks before governments and universities.

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  • Sepha

    I have no words except Thank you! and Blessings.

  • Kim

    Thank you Agaanagaq. I listened to you speak so peacefully about what you have seen and what you’ve been called to do. I received your prayer to melt the hearts of men. Thank you for praying it.

  • Joy

    I am so grateful to hear the truth you speak and to tell us about the big ice melting so catastrophically there and everywhere else . I don’t hide from it . I know it in my heart to be true. I wonder about this dire situation and its significance in terms of us, the planet and the universe . I do concur that what is being offered to us (humans)is perhaps just ours and ours alone and is like a decision we need to make that is for or against life. Except we(humans) are a part of life and life itself has brought us to this brink. Why I ask? Is it life itself testing itself. Maybe we are exactly where we need to be. Life gave us a big brain but it lacks something because we are where we are now. The human psyche is so incredibly complex, as is our lack of understanding of our role in this universes and beyond . I sort of feel that we need to chill out a bit, be grateful to getting this far and give thanks . And yes, spend time with some likeminded human beings who will support our essence, make us laugh and bring you joy as will attending to the planet as best we can. Thank you for your beautiful prayer finishing. It made me cry with sadness then gladness because you made me feel connected to Mother Nature and to you and I will continue working on “melting the ice in the hearts “of fellow human beings. Njoy

  • Carol Kraft

    Your words and your presence and prayers reach me beyond words. May more of us melt to hear the truth and be brave enough to receive this truth of the ice melting as citizens of the earth. Aho

  • Rashmi patel

    “The earth is But one country man kind it’s citizens “ Bahaullah , Bahai writings
    LOVE ,JUSTICE and UNITY can save us from our icy hearts ,withcompassion ,care ,deep connection until we become a single BODY , and find a way to live with Unity in diversity , HOW ? a collective vision and mission to cocreate a new human race .

  • Dearest Angaangak. We met several times. You touch me so deeply again with the truth. Thank you.
    Blessings for your community.
    And let’s truly melt the ice in the heart.
    Sundar Schweibenalp

  • It was beautiful to hear and also so sad to hear what is going on. But really your talk melted the hearths thank you.

  • Zora Ignjatovic

    great gratitude and love sprouted in my heart because I meet people like you. we can do it together. community is the only important body and communion of people who see the truth can shift the history in making. thank you so much. be well.

  • Manon

    it is so beautiful to listen to our elders, to Uncle, it feels like the core of Earth inside me, a solidity, a belonging, vitality in being alive and being part of the human species and a child of Earth, called to be an adult and elder myself one day, in all life stages. I lay my head below my heart, and let your song melt the ice in my heart

  • Annee Bury

    ahh grateful thanks..we must melt our hearts together all of us as one…no more numbness…no more more fear..come together as one..thankyou also for your deep love commitment and wisdom..yes we need to act and connect and do things differently…spiritually as a shaman..what can we do?

  • Monique Reijers

    It’s clear to me now there’s no turning point for climate-change anymore; all ice will melt in future-time and goes more quick then I thought. On the other hand I’m hopeful that a lot of people will open their hearts and melt all the ice in it. And they will built strong loving communities. Thank you very much for your lovely prayer Angaangaq, it realy moved me.

  • Linda Moore

    Thank you for taking us into the next step, melting the ice in the human heart.

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