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February 1-10, 2020

Frédéric Laloux

Author, Organisational Innovator
Frédéric Laloux

Frédéric urgently invites us to bring our full integrity into our professional lives. His experiences of transformations in leaders and organisations offer a fresh wave of hope and clarity in all our relations with the "system". Frédéric explains how a new approach to leadership, combining both fierceness and vulnerability, can catalyze radical change within our current structures and organisations.

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  • Introduction
  • Despair & Hope
  • Transformation of leaders and organizations
  • Reclaiming personal integrity
  • Three questions for the "system"
  • A new masculine leadership
  • Embracing mystery
Frédéric Laloux

Frédéric Laloux is a author, adviser, coach, and facilitator focusing on the inner workings of organisations tied to human evolution and spiritual growth. Frederic’s book Reinventing Organizations is considered by many to be the most influential business book of this decade. It has sparked a global movement with hundreds, probably thousands of organizations adopting more purposeful management practices.


Reinventing Organizations


Parker Palmer

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  • Duyoung Jeong

    Thank you, the talk was very helpful for me.

  • Thank you very much for this inspiring interview! We presented your book at the Integrales Zentrum Wien! I appreciate the power of integrity, the u-process, compassionate leading with no answers, deep listening to resonance, the mystery that happens! With gratitude!

  • Dylan

    Some excellent points, thank you Frederic

  • Beatriz arjona

    Thanks for this inspiring thalk!!

  • Gudula Hoff

    Thank you … wonderful inspiration <3 I feel very touched by "leading with no answers" <3 and trusting the mystery <3

  • Mireille Lucas

    I feel back to 20 years ago when I discovered Peter Senge’s work on the Fifth Discipline. Also about Chaos and Complexity applied to human systems. Still, we don’t seem to have progressed.
    For me, the only way change can take place is with swap in sense of purpose from willing to be rich to willing to survive. This needs courage and collaborative co-created processes to develop ecological innovation everywhere.

  • Profound talk with amazing examples and a great inspiration for all! Would definitely recommend this for everyone. Especially if you are considering your role and how to make a difference.

  • Jeremie Yared

    For a while now I’ve been sitting with this idea that most humans are employed in industries the world doesn’t actually need, that most industrial activity could very well be canceled without humanity losing anything of value. And that shining a light on that fact could have tremendous transformative power. I just couldn’t see where or how to draw the line. These three questions you offered feel like a great starting point. I will keep them with me. Merci, Frédéric!

  • P. S. If anyone wants to chat about the summit or related themes now or after the summit you’re all very welcome to this Telegram chat group @ecovillages,

  • Irene Zurborn

    Thank you for the many enlightening concepts and related examples in real life! I have found food for thought and inspiration in “developing a language of compassion to facilitate the conversation between activists and corporate workers/leaders ” or the examples behind fierce vulnerability or leading with no answers. I particularly liked the 3 questions about what would happen to an organisation with no marketing/adds, that shows its production process or includes all its costs in the price because it was something I could feel but not conceptualise so clearly.
    Hope to have the opportunity to talk more about it in our hub at the end of the summit.
    A big thank you, Frédéric

  • kumah drah

    One question, how does hierarchy play out in governance or effective running of organisations, eg Ecovillages?

  • Thank you for making me thinking about urgency and how life takes us to places. It was beautiful to hear from you.

  • Thank you very much! very inspiring to change inside out! I regret that the video cuts off in 37:41 so I couldn´t see the end!
    I would have liked to hear about embracing mistery!

  • Thanks so much Frédéric, your words truly inspired me. I felt like you were putting into words ideas I had inside of me that were not yet so clear – or that I did not dare to express so fully. I feel that your talk is very actual, it’s what we are living now, I am living now. Thank you, again.

  • Unfortunately the link proposed at bottom of page don’t work. Hopefully these beautiful interview will be available easily for sharing, thanks

  • Merci Frédéric for fierce vulnerability, mystery and integrity to follow your inner voice of purpose (like Bill Plotkin) and inspiring stories and feeling the pain of the world like Joanna Macy. Very similar to Theory U from MIT: Open mind, open heart, open will and the importance of leaders to go on personal growth, listen and open their heart.
    I loved your book (the cartoon version!).
    Many teal blessings to you.

  • Mari Sawada

    Thank you so much, Frédéric, for your fierce vulnerability – deeply touching and empowering!

  • Very good questions, Kosha, and a lot of inspiration, Frédéric!
    I feel inspired bodily, and in line with the spirit of this video.
    Lets create this language of compassion together.
    And the place everybody wants to work in.

    So glad I could see it from the ‘most watched-list’.

  • Franziska Voemel

    I appreciate that you realised all these integral speakers, yet I would imagine of a “summit” something else….the format that Kosha Joubert is the only interviewer who of course is doing it in her way (often too emotionally emphasised) makes the whole thing a bit one sided…of a summit I would imagine a round of speakers at a certain time that discuss and exchange…maybe you would like to choose another word for your event….The Skype format, the only format possible, I can understand, tends to have something sterile and at the same time awkward as the faces are on close-up and the voice sounds tinny because of mics and space surrounding plus filming.
    Maybe you can develop the format further and I am happy to support. Thank you

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