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Our Response to the Climate Emergency

February 1-10, 2020

Maddy Harland

Co-Founder of Gaia Education and Permaculture Magazine
Maddy Harland

Through her years of experience with permaculture and ecovillage design, Maddy has developed a deeply interconnected view of human and natural systems. She shares tales of her garden, which are impacted by climate change, but also provide hope in the strength and intelligence of our ecosystems. Maddy believes in the fundamental importance of tending our outer and inner environments within community.

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  • Introduction
  • Acknowledging the indigenous roots of permaculture
  • Permaculture Design vs. Ecovillage Design
  • Regenerating diversity in damaged ecological and social systems
  • Listening to nature
  • A new economy is needed
  • Carbon sequestration: How to shift into a sustainable agriculture
  • Community is in our DNA
Maddy Harland

Maddy Harland is co-founder and editor of Permaculture Magazine, an international quarterly in print and digital with 100.000 readers. Maddy co-founded Permanent Publications in 1990, and the Sustainability Centre in 1995, once a military base, and now a thriving immersive learning centre. She is a founding member of Gaia Education who developed the Ecovillage Design Education course endorsed by UNESCO. Maddy is an adviser to the Ecosystem Restoration Foundation and a trustee for Common Earth.

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  • Abdullah MF Nyei

    Great presentation

  • Linda

    What a wonderful, warm and inspiring being is Maddy, I so enjoyed her passion, knowledge and authenticity. Great interview. Thank you so much.

  • Kim

    another incredible talk. Thank you!

  • Gabi S

    What a wonderful, sweet, uplifting spirit, this Maddy Harland!!

  • Martha L.H

    What an informative session, I know understand the permaculture concept.

    Looking forward for more information

  • Tim

    Really enjoying the presentation!

    Unfortunately here in Cambodia the connectivity is not so great, and it seems whilst Youtube never suffers dropouts, Vimeo is constantly halting to buffer.

    Please could your technical team consider using a Youtube channel so the rest of the world can easily view this valuable information.



  • Thank you very much for this inspiring interview and for sharing your deep insights.

  • Andrea Schäfer

    Thank you, this gives me hope! Andrea

  • Killian O'Brien

    We need that info on the French farm, Maddy! The biggest blowback i get when talking about #permaculture, #simplicity, and #Regenerativegovernance is “Prove it!” And I know we can, but *I* don’t have that information to respond with.

    PLEASE get me that info: or [email protected].

  • Mireille Lucas

    I encourage you to read this: Redesigning Economics based on Ecology at the following URL:

  • kumah drah

    What a presentation of how Maddy is transforming her once denuded environment! Great picture, Still listening
    Thanks to Kosha and Maddy for giving credit to founders of Permaculture acknowledging the so-called simple societies for their contribution to permaculture. Mind you, some technocrats ind developing countries think such techniques are ‘primitive’and want them replaced with modern and unsustainable practices. How can we correct this? Through more demonstration of the many positive sides of permaculture and living in ecovillages.

  • Alice Güntert

    About two weeks ago Swiss TV ran a film over the World Economic Forum in Davos ( ) Therein was a conversation over the concerns of exploited workers in the digital industry at present time and in the future. As Mrs.Harland explains Permaculture is a much more than a “new” form of agriculture, Permaculture is a mind set. Permaculture principles offer a paradigm change for how humans interact with nature as well as how humans interact with each other. How can we coerce the participants of the WEF to embrace Permacuture Principles? Communities that develop with Permaculture Principles are intrinsically resilient against economic exploitation.

  • gerrie

    Thanks you so much for another great and inspiring talk.
    Unfortunately Vimeo is really problematic for my radio connection here in rural Brazil. Each video is taking at least twice the original time. I checked some videos on Youtube, to compare, to see if it’s my connection, but those were really quite ok. Just for you to know. Thanks again.

  • Really inspiring. What matters is what we are doing NOW. I was listening in a permaculture garden with many butterflies around….big sincronicity. Thank you all. From Brazil. Cerrado (Savana).

  • Arwén Akpolat

    Again such a warm interesting inspiring talk! ♡☆♡ Thank you to both of you!

    What touched me deeply is when Maddy talked about what matters: the walk. ☆♡☆ And to never give up.

    When I first heard about permaculture few years ago (from Marcus Pan, PCD-Teacher, CH), I immediately understood it in the same way as Maddy describes: as a kind of social movement, a “method” to help us to change. It’s sooo beautiful, I love permaculture. ☺

  • thank you for all the wisdom and experience you talk with. It was amazing to watch and thanks for Gaia Education

  • Reply for Tim, it seems the buffering lag is worldwide since here in Finland there’s some lag also. Thanks for the free watching opportunity nonetheless!

  • Zen Danie

    I love the energy of the conversation.i just want to say this : Don’t worry about the time, it doesn’t have to be quick, it’s wrought from a human perspective , the reverse and healing of the planet is already happening and it will only getting better.The universal clock is implied on this topic , 50 years/100 years ,it’s a finger click if you converted it in to universal time.
    thank you for this summit ,really enjoying it ,it taste for more 🙂 .Peace and Love

  • love hearing your stories Maddy. All your wisdom and the bees. And certainly I do hope that you haven’t failed in your vision – but it is all there brewing waiting to transform and spread over the coming years.

  • Roger Doudna

    A woman as sweet as she is wise.

  • Sepha

    Maddy, I am so elevated and inspired by your work. Thank you!

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