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Our Response to the Climate Emergency

February 1-10, 2020

Nora Bateson

Filmmaker, Writer, Educator, Lecturer, Cross-disciplinary Systemic Thinker
Nora Bateson

Nora is known for her revolutionary personal approach to the study of systems and complexity. She is deeply influenced by her father and his work which she captured in a documentary. In her interview, she introduces us to warm data and the warm data lab. These are contextual and relational information about complex systems and group processes, which illustrate interdependency and generate understandings of systemic patterns. She conveys us a wider understanding of the way nature actually works and how we can align our thinking with it.

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  • Introduction
  • Despair and Hope
  • Nora's father's influence and documentary
  • Warm data and our understanding of nature
  • How solutions arise into interconnected patterns
  • The warm data lab process
  • How small actions in our communities relate to the larger image of change-making
  • Nora's hope for the coming decade
Nora Bateson

Nora Bateson is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, and educator, as well as President of the International Bateson Institute, based in Sweden. Her work asks the question “How we can improve our perception of the complexity we live within, so we may improve our interaction with the world?”. It brings the fields of biology, cognition, art, anthropology, psychology, and information technology together into a study of the patterns in the ecology of living systems. Her book, Small Arcs of Larger Circles, is a revolutionary personal approach to the study of systems and complexity.


International Bateson Institute

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  • Ed

    What about the billion atom bombs of energy humanity has added to the world’s oceans since the 1970s

  • Ed


    State of the climate 2017

  • Ed

    John Todd
    Ocean Arks

    If still alive

  • Ed

    Studied your father’s work in 2008
    The Great Story continues…
    The Anthropocene
    It is not survival of the fittest afterall as Darwin suggested
    Would seem more that natural selection likely proceeds by fitness of the most compatible and biodiverse between extremes.
    2 Feb 2020

  • Kim

    Nora, thank you – I get it. You articulated something so clearly that I’ve had a difficult time expressing and that is that even wanting to change something for the better is a violent act, because “for the better” is so hard to define. Better according to who? I get it. So tricky though and even now I can feel myself stepping in and out of understanding that. I so appreciated the present way that you two navigated the political convo and the point you made about the ecology of the conversation. Thank you!

  • Alice Güntert

    Current Commodity Production and Trading destroys our planet. Can GEN offer another kind of “commodity”? How can you organize the Warm Data Lab so that investment bankers could proliferate it? So that traders would trade in a certificate for the Warm Data Lab? along with Value Match….Dragon Dreaming….etc

  • Hello
    I am from TOGO . Thank you Nora . I could see that most of the presentation do not take our continent realities . How can we going to cope with realities that are different from ours ? Is it possible to have some conversation time for we to understand some concepts ?

  • Mireille Lucas

    Isn’t it all about how small actions can make a big difference in climate change?

    I fear that this high-level communication will be too complex for people who did not have prior contact with systems thinking. I had the great chance to have been put in contact with Gregory Bateson’s work during my career at IBM which allows me to understand behind what is being said here.

    My goal is the goal of no goal! : o)))
    Goal setting should be kept on my point for “simple” issues, projects, etc. Whenever we enter complexity, goals are not adapted and limiting. I, therefore, focus more on the understanding of the larger system and try to develop a system map.

  • wow that was such an amazing interview. i could feel my awareness and perception being stretched. Have ordered Nora’s book right away.

  • Berend-Jan Hilberts

    The wisdom and compassion espoused by Nora was exquisite, thought provoking, soul deepening and heart warming. Mind blown. Heart loves it. Love you. Thank you.

  • Really appreciated this conversation between Nora and Kosha. Nora sees the interrelationship in systems in such an exquisite way – I attended one of her salons in London a few years ago and the experience still resonates and moves in my psyche. She has a way of perceiving that is rare in this world and grasping it is as elusive and yet as magnetic as the journey is for those who search for spiritual knowing.
    Thank you Kosha for facilitating, and for presencing the dynamics of the conversation inside the space and time available.

  • Paolo Maccagno

    Thank you Nora.
    Your sobriety gives me hope (a real hope) and makes me feel less alone. It actually showed me how it is possible to navigate the double binds hidden in our relationships also and especially when we are trying to make a better humanity.
    Thank you, I’m deeply touched and grateful

  • CJ Del Piero

    Thank you, Nora and Kosha. Are you talking about the need for a richer, broader consciousness from which to make change, Nora? I was lifted into a broadening consciousness by listening to Calixto Suarez yesterday and was imagining what it might be like to hear Nora and Calixto in conversation.

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