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February 1-10, 2020

Coyote Alberto Ruz

Environmental Activist, Author, Performer, Promoter of Intentional Communities and Earth Rights
Coyote Alberto Ruz

Coyote shares with us his wisdom of living in communities for 30 years. Throughout his life, he has been combining art, community, and his love for mother earth and is currently a powerful spokesperson for the legislation of the rights of mother earth. He invites us to see ourselves as planetary citizens and caretakers of the earth and to join the next step of evolution for human society: creating intentional communities. Such communities that are no islands but actively driving the change around them.

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  • Introduction
  • Combining art, community, and love for mother earth
  • Law of the rights of mother earth
  • Social change
  • Mother Earth is responding to us
  • Next step of evolution for humanity: Intentional communities
  • Communities driving change around them
Coyote Alberto Ruz

Alberto Ruz Buenfil is a native of Mexico whose work is dedicated to social change, environmental sustainability, and the performing arts. He co-founded two international theater groups as well as Mexico's first ecovillage, known as Huehuecoyotl. He led the 13-year Rainbow Peace Caravan, an international effort to promote sustainable design and permaculture, as well as theatrical performances, across seventeen countries of Latin America. His main purpose today is to contribute to the Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth at the United Nations.


The Rights of Mother Earth


A kind request from the Global Ecovillage Network

We come to you with a call for help concerning our dear friend Coyote Alberto Ruz. This rainbow warrior has just been diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. He is in the beginning stages of treatment, and he needs our support to cover part of these unexpected expenses.

You can support his crowdfunding campaign here: 

Thank you, your solidarity is much appreciated.

GEN Summit Team

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  • Sam Sheka Moi

    Thanks for inspirational and motivational speaker who has inspired me to make a better community.

  • Gosh

    A brother of my heart
    I fully agree
    I grew up in the 60th

  • Beatriz Arjona

    Thanks a lot Albert for your life and inspiring talk.

    I am one the seed planted and watered by Albert, florishing in the communities and network I has been funded and life on. THANKS.

    I am really touch by the invitation to help Alberto in his current health situation and GEN desition to included it in this webpage.

    In fact the same day this interview was recorded, the same day was announced Alberto’s diagnosis and crowd funding camping and I inmedialtly sent it to Kosha. Thanks GEN team. I wish many on line summit participant, all over the world would enjoy helping Albert and pray for him.

  • Mary Pernal

    Coyote’s ideas are very clear. I love the idea of the rights of Mother Earth. I feel like the understanding of the people of the Andes about Patchamama has so much power at least partly because this system of thought has carried on through thousands of years of human history. It emerges out of a time when humanity was more intuitive and more connected to the the sun, the universe, the earth in all its sacred beauty, and this outlook can heal us today. It s a philosophy in touch with the vastness of of the natural world, and the seemingly endless universe, of which we are interwoven.

  • Alice Güntert

    How delicious this Conference is! Having not discovered a community to live in, I recently considered leaving GEN. Then, three weeks ago swiss TV aired a documentary film over the notorious World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Knowing of Mumta Ito’s Rights of Nature effort I suggested to GEN Suisse that GEN should find a place on the Board of Trustees to promote Rights of Nature….so I got invited to your Summit conference….with Coyote I now have a much clearer understanding of the Rights of Nature movement. I imagine that Greta Thunberg with Fridays for Future is also participating in this conference….might she represent Rights of Mother Earth at the next WEF????

    Earlier in this conference, someone cited this link: the author poses a few questions that I think Rights of Mother Earth would be best able to answer:

    Q How can new rules in economics facilitate a fair sharing of, and a common responsibility for, the global commons?
    Q How do we create monetary and economic systems where value is ultimately based on healthy ecosystem functioning and where ecological and social regeneration are structurally incentivized?
    Q How can ecological literacy and learning from the rest of nature help us to redesign a more fitting economic system for a regenerative culture?

  • Kim

    Thank you Alberto, I enjoyed your talk so much. Your vision was clear. I wish you good health.

  • Juan

    Fuerza Alberto que los guardianes te ayuden a caminar con claridad. Desde el.valle de elqui, el Molle. El mismo que te recibió hace más de 20 años. Abrazos fraternos, Jallalla

  • What a beautiful presence and visions!!
    Thank you for sharing this with us!
    I take the “baston” with pleasure!

  • an old and deep thread of my heart has been blessed. the resonance of his message is undeniable. As Thomas Hubl says, coyote alberto ruz, is now alive inside me, for i have seen him and heard him speak. So much gratitude for his life, his knowing and visions, and his dedication…. I have been knowing these things for some time, but havent found my truest companions (yet!) It is all the work of a deep Mystery unfolding. Blessed Be our Mother .

  • I read of a previous post that Alberto was dealing with a “diagnosis” I wasnt aware of this and would like to help. if there is an organized effort,can you please make the information available? thanks so very much. meanwhile, I will pray for this incredible and gifted man. sincerely, diane

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