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Our Response to the Climate Emergency

February 1-10, 2020

Lindsay Levin

Intl. Expert in Transformative and Regenerative Leadership
Lindsay Levin

Lindsay shares with great enthusiasm about the transformation of leadership through inner work and the shift already happening in businesses. Through Leaders Quest, she brings business leaders together to boost their sense of connection and accountability and inspire them to be part of the creation of a more regenerative life on earth. Lindsay is a bridge-builder and inspires us to co-create a better future yet work with today's reality. She wholeheartedly invites us to join Countdown: a solution-focused collaboration to tackle the climate crisis.

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  • Introduction
  • Leaders Quest: Bringing leaders together
  • Inspiring stories from the ground
  • Being part of a shared whole and humbleness
  • Co-create the future, yet work with today’s reality
  • Transforming businesses
  • Countdown: Solution-focused collaboration
  • A regenerative way of living
  • The inner work of leadership
  • The better life
Lindsay Levin

Lindsay Levin is the founder of Leaders’ Quest Foundation which work with leaders who want to contribute towards a more sustainable, inclusive world. It’s grounded in the belief that a company, community or ecosystem can only truly transform if those leading it are willing to work on themselves. In 2017 she co-led the launch of Future Stewards, a partnership that aims to unlock the collective will from across business, government and civil society to achieve a regenerative future. Her book, Invisible Giants: changing the world one step at a time, was published in 2013.


Leaders' Quest

Future Stewards


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  • Kim

    Incredible talk. Thank you. Life truly is a gift.

  • Crissi

    For a transformative culture I wish you all to be aware that massive untrusty companies such as amazon do not belong to. We shall know about working conditioins and intransperent tax systems they grew to put all the money in only their pocket. And ….
    Go to your local book store. Rise awareness.

  • Mireille Lucas

    Thank you, Lindsay. I have now enrolled in Countdown.

    Regarding the implementation, I have identified 7 elements or variables that are inhibiting our current system:
    1. Level of Biodiversity Threats
    2. Degree of Civil Ecology Education failure by scientists
    3. Science Collaborative Technology Quality Level
    4. Degree of Science-Public Collaboration
    5. Degree of Stakeholders broader Collaboration
    6. Level of Political Failure

    On the positive aspect, the recent innovative Leadership Emergence / Pressure coming with the Global Youth Activism as well as all the people who are involved in this Summit as well as many others is a critical success factor.

    Are you collaborating with anyone at the EU on this subject?

  • Martina

    Huge resonance, both with the picture of hanging between 2 boats risking to fall in the water and the challenge of being able to bring empathy to such different realities and views, but also with the wish to bring good stories about system changing solutions from all over the world into the news. Very, very inspiring work. Thank you so much for this inspiration! ❤️

  • Alice Güntert

    Wow Inspiring Talk I just suggested Ivo Sasek to Countdown…He’s the founder of a very rightwing Thinktank…The AntiZensur Kongress….holds some novel ideas…I hope he has the courage to participate. As “Free Church” activist he might have some influence on the US Bible Belt

  • Alice Güntert

    From the Countdown Website, it is not clear to me if Countdown is an Internet Conference…Do Participants have to go to Norway?

  • I really enjoyed your talk. Especially about taking people where they are at, understanding the way things work and reaching out. Great work, looking forward to “Countdown”.

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