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Our Response to the Climate Emergency

February 1-10, 2020

Martin Frick

Senior Director for Policy and Programme Coordination, UNFCCC
Martin Frick

Achieving climate justice has been the primary motivation behind Martin's career in tackling climate change. He sees our current crisis as an opportunity and a catalyst for deeper cooperation in manifesting our visions of sustainability. Martin calls on us to speak up and make our voices heard as we can only achieve our climate goals if we mobilize at the grassroots and empower those already doing the work. He also reminds us that the ways we invest our money, both individually and through large climate funds, can shift the ways we value and handle food and lead us to a better future.

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  • Introduction and climate justice
  • Diverse food production and smallholder farmers
  • Climate action is at the grassroots
  • Cooperation and investing in a better future
  • Regional climate weeks
  • Human rights and climate refugees
  • A call to action
Martin Frick

Martin Frick oversees as Senior Director the substantive programmes of the UN Climate Change secretariat supporting the implementation of the Paris Agreement and climate action. He previously served as Director for Climate Change at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. He was the German representative for human rights and humanitarian affairs at the UN General Assembly and served as the European Union’s lead negotiator in the establishment of the UN Human Rights Council.

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  • Sandra Woodworth

    Good to hear from such a well informed director. His calm and generous responses lightened my fear for the future.
    He has taken on an important role for our future.

  • Alice Güntert

    Am surprised to hear someone from so high up in the UN who supports AgroEcology for small farmers.To

    To help the developed world invest in small communities like Mr. Frick mentions can GEN evolve a quantitative program like the Response Induced Sustainability Evaluation at HAFL Zollikofen ?RISE could provide the basis for such a program…GEN could evolve RISE to meet ecovillage conditions. For details on RISE in english contact Dr.Jan Grenz at [email protected] +41 31 910 21 99

  • Glad to hear Director Martin’s thoughts for Africa.. who although worst off are barely acting to reduce impact.

  • It’s the moment to change the global DIET. We have to change from the monoculture to food for animals that turn in BEEF to a plant based, grown in food forest systems…..

  • Diogo

    We could do it, together. But we will need Joint Agroforest Ventures:

    If you want to join, leave an email.

  • Arwén Akpolat

    Sandra Woodworth, I agree totaly: he is a light not only in the world of big global organisations.

    To the organizers to the summit: Will there be a German translation? It would be nice to share specialy his words for those Germans who are not so fluent in English.

  • Yuma Langenbach

    The single most important thing, we can do TODAY is compost food scraps.
    Mixing our food nutrients with other waste is like mining, composting is regenerating our planet & recycling nutrients forever.

    LOVE this! It brings us closer to the life supporting ecosystems we have taken for granted, while also taking responsibility for our continued food production.

    Now the question is: How can we make it easy each & everyone to compost/build soil if they live apart from nature/ground? eg. apartments, no garden.

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