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Our Response to the Climate Emergency

February 1-10, 2020

Calixto Suarez

Indigenous Activist, Chief Elders of Arhuaco People, Speaker
Calixto Suarez

Calixto brings us closer to acknowledge our own value in this world and how that helps us meet the global reality. He shares with us the importance of reconnecting to ourselves, how to contribute to the world and deal with the disharmony in the world, speaking from his own experiences and ancient knowledge of his people.

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  • Introduction
  • How do your people see their role in the world?
  • Human reconnection and sacred places of the earth
  • Our contribution to the world
  • A personal practice of observation and gratitude
  • How to deal with the disharmony in the world
  • Putting faith and love into myself and the world
  • Common humanity and what it means to be indigenous
Calixto Suarez

Calixto is the guardian and spiritual leader of the very ancient culture of the Arhuacos whose sacred land lies in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. He was trained with the elders and came to understand and comprehend life in general, learned about the four worlds, about the earth and the universe. He is a messenger of peace for his people at an international level and a representative of the indigenous peoples of the world.

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  • jonasa Radidisa

    we a more more a like the indigenous people should be responsible for the sustainble development of their own land, it’s safety and it’s important should be protected

  • I have been following the Kojimamos since the very first filming of a UK director, who was fortunate to gain their trust. They are like family to me. I hear & feel everything they say & stand for, as you were feeling in the interview. I wonder if you could make this one video interview available for all peoples to see, hear Calixto’s wisdom? I would love to pass this one interview to my Son & other younger people.
    I too, as senior activist are working to edu people of the Commons on a blog; a lifelong Nature Artist of the essence of Nature. Long beyond holding a job or asking for money for my work, it is a service to life on GAIA.
    Thank you for educating the masses of our inter-connectedness & community.

  • Thank you so much for this beautiful and powerful reminder of the power of reconnecting with our essence. I feel like my mind received a humbling, fine tuning service! I feel reassured about acting from the power of a peaceful heart. “I have no protection. This would weaken me. I only have my love and my faith” Powerful reminder. Namaste ?

  • Thank you so much for this deep talk – every word is a prayer – we can learn so much from this holistic point of view! i feel very supported to the work we are doing here in Tamera!

  • Arwén Akpolat

    ¡Muchas gracias! ♡~♡

    Deep reminding and therefor encouraging for myself to act, to speak, to think everything out of my heart (and honour also my brain).

    To feel the connecting of all kind of expressions of life (some would say: god) is such wonderful. ♡~☆~♡ That feels like living for me.

    Thank you again, Kosha, for your wonderful presence during this talk, too! ♡~♡

  • Mireille

    Unfortunately in Africa, I do not see the same wisdom. Tribal wars are still occurring in today’s time.

    La responsabilidad en la vida es dar sin esperar recibir nada a cambio. ¡Me encanta!
    Estoy impresionado con su respeto por todas las culturas, después de todo lo que su tribu debe haber pasado en el pasado. Una gran lección de amor y tolerancia.
    Me pregunto cómo un ciudadano promedio puede poner esto en práctica …

    Great last question: what can each of us bring to humanity?

  • Linda Moore

    Truly appreciated the depth of wisdom being shared here. Remarkable that even with subtitles and internet, this depth came through so clearly. Thank you!

  • roberto hinestrosa

    Calixto, muchas gracias, tocaste mi corazón

  • Alex Johnson

    I too request that this one video could please be made available to be shared widely and inspire the young people of the world.

  • I tried to move this to Facebook and it said the url was not accurate.
    I loved this teaching….of what is essential…our essence is of value and it is that simple.

  • CJ Del Piero

    Estas palabras tienen poder… these words have power… and feel like rain on dry land. My soul seems to come to life in hearing Calixto speak in ways that refuse to divide humanity and that call indigenous communities with gifts of wisdom to serve as caretakers of creation who hold vigil for all humanity. What a powerful vision!

  • Helena

    I missed this And really was looking forward to it. I am of Muisca-Chibcha indigenous descent of the Bogota area but our tribes are related and I have known about this man for a while and his every word resonates to my core!

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