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February 1-10, 2020

Willem Ferwerda

Expert in Landscape Restoration, Director and Founder of Commonland
Willem Ferwerda

Willem, an expert in landscape restoration, shares with us how his early fascination for nature has shaped his path through life. Having worked for the International Union for Conversation of Nature, he speaks about his rich experiences of working in the tropics and how the restoration of rural degraded areas can regenerate diversity and communities. Wanting to contribute to build a bridge between investors, nature conservationists and local people - bringing together people, nature and productivity, he co-founded Commonland. Willem reveals that an alarming number of 2 billion hectares (the size of China and the US combined) is degraded land around the globe, making restoration work utterly important.

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  • Introduction
  • Fascination for nature
  • Work for the International Union for Conservation of Nature
  • Motivation behind founding Commonland
  • The 4 losses of degraded land and the 4 returns
  • His steps to work on restoration
  • The concrete results
  • How to make regenerative projects successfull
Willem Ferwerda

Willem Ferwerda has worked in several tropical countries around the globe on tourism, conservation and ecosystems restoration. From 2000-2012 he was director of the Dutch office of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the largest intl. union of nature organizations, states and scientists. As change agent, Willem is looking for new business opportunities where ecosystems can be included in a positive way in people’s thinking and acting. He is founder of Commonland which aims to restore degraded landscapes so that they can deliver social, economic and ecological value to local farmers/ residents and investors.

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  • RRDS Regd NGO working Small and Marginal farmers .to save Land and to save Nature. I am interesting to work like u Great personalities for Land water and degraded and Soil and Water Cwater conservation to save climate tosave Future.Loo.
    Looking forward to ur Valuable response
    With Regards VG Reddy President RRDS

  • I am interesting to become partner for this great Inciative to organise Small and Marginal farmers and conservation of soil and water to save climate

  • Ed

    7 Feb 2020
    Yo stuff

    Well yes ideas and plans are fine.
    But I figure $2 trillion dollars of honest money is needed just to Start…
    Is that what the young are demanding of the old. ?.
    To spend the Olds wealth on the young…
    perhaps the old needs some assurances that the young won’t simply repeat the failed lessons and human natures of the past…reasons.
    Or perhaps the old practiced the good way and thus has no material wealth to provide.

  • Much Love from Chile. Centro de Estudios AguaTierra. Our projects are guided by the search for food and water sovereignity through ecosystemic and cultural regeneration in communal or colective contexts. Would be so good to invest in alliances between small and marginal farmers, the social movements, and the money to get started a paradigmatical economical transformation, that will grow after that induced ignition, from within. Namely a network of ecosettlements where people control their means for subsistense while they steward Mother Earth. Them money can come to move out of the place of mean of means, and life may flourish again freely.

  • Mireille

    I like this very realistic approach that shows demonstrated experience on the ground.
    “Wanting to contribute to building a bridge between investors, nature conservationists and local people – bringing together people, nature and productivity, he co-founded Commonland”.
    I would like to add to this list the Private Sector (Industries) and local Public sector.

    I have informed a friend in Burkina Faso of the existence of Commonland. The ROI dimension makes it adapted to the world needs and sustainability. A great balance.
    Thank you!

  • Leszek Frankiewicz

    Hi, this powerpoint of Commonland projects mentioned at the end, when and where will it be places on ecovillages website?

  • i am intrested in this initiative because i am a famer i have 15 acres of land plant with kashu nut i have another reserve area to plant but i need investors to help me finished such an investment

  • An amazing project. More of us need to join you on this quest.

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