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Our Response to the Climate Emergency

February 1-10, 2020

Daniel Christian Wahl

Regenerative Design Generalist, Educator, Author
Daniel Christian Wahl

Daniel Wahl introduces us from his profound background of whole system and regenerative design to the logic of patterns. He reminds us to be aware of what patterns actually serve us, which patterns we have to let go and how communities can help us in this process. Furthermore, he encourages us to work on a bioregional level to repattern the future of the places we live in. He shares his own place-based work in Mallorca and the use of an old system as a catalyst to midwife the new system.

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  • Introduction
  • Despair and hope
  • Patterns that serve our future
  • The relevance of community in the process of changing our patterns
  • Daniel's bioregional work
  • Global opportunities to enable regenerative projects and reach more people
  • A love declaration for Daniel's daughter and her future
Daniel Christian Wahl

Daniel Christian Wahl works internationally as a consultant and educator in regenerative development, whole systems design, and transformative innovation. He holds degrees in biology (Univ. of Edinburgh), and holistic science (Schumacher College), and his 2006 doctoral thesis (Univ. of Dundee) was on “Design for Human and Planetary Health – A Holistic/Integral Approach to Complexity and Sustainability.” He is the author of the internationally acclaimed book Designing Regenerative Cultures.


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Designing Regenerative Cultures

Ecovillage Design Education

The Three Horizons of innovation and culture change

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  • Ed

    5 feb 2020
    thanks for the sharing…
    yes regeneration….
    regenerative communities….

    Well i think at 7 billion humans, humanity has no problem at regeneration,
    the thing is it is a fixed planet that is not growing,
    we may one day travel beyond, but for now,
    maybe we need to sustain-ably and responsibly regenerate,
    This idea then is circular regenerative communities,
    the idea is to start at one point or radii on or in the circle with growth,
    and proceed counter clockwise , like the planets orbit….
    and then grow around the circle and then when the communities growth arrives
    back at the start point radii of the circle, then you infill and update around the circle
    again indefinitely and go around again…. or so
    so its not circular regeneration exactly cause its growing yet
    not uncontrollably and always not outward,
    so its for convenience call it “spiral regeneration”.
    I suppose the community could grow outward as well but not as quickly.
    you have regeneration thus but not necessarily growth but
    ….its a concept ….still working on it….
    I saw a drawing or a concept i think by Aristotle that triggered the idea….

    carry on..

  • Martina

    Thank you so much for this beautiful interview, it gives me courage to keep going with what I am feeling too – and thank you for sharing the conflicts between old and new, patriarcal capitalism and bioregional ecovillage movements, indigenous wisdom and mass technology, global and local and how the old can serve the new. I guess that we are here in this crucial moment because we are the ones who are invited to bear the pain and the beauty of transformation from caterpillars to butterflies. And thank you for reminding us that we do ultimately not know where we will end up and thus it is so important to give all our love and energy into this present moment and hope it will create the impact we wish for. I am full of gratitude for your words.

  • Michal Margus

    Hello! 🙂

    Just finished watching conversation with Daniel Wahl, it was very warmu conversation, i even felt as i was part of it, so thank you very much for holding that quality of space 🙂

    We are launching a new platform in Slovakia with aim of regeneration of relationships, within each other and with earth 🙂

    As part of the project, we would like to translate and publish Daniels book Designing Regenerative Cultures in Slovakia, can you please connect me with Daniel?

    Thank you very much,

    Michal 🙂

  • Lovely interview Daniel and I am so grateful and absolutely love your positioning and the way you articulate the magic each of us can contribute with NOW and HERE.
    We run the THNK Lisbon Creative Leadership Programs (since 2015) in partnership with the Lisbon Oceanarium, the Municipality of Lisbon and also the National Tourism Board… and our resulting community of participants (all active in a “total good” transformation) will love to meet you should you feel attracted to connect (in person or online).
    Could you share your email so that I could connect with you directly?
    We are doing many interesting steps towards regenerative, resilient urban realities.

  • Mireille

    When I read this written by Daniel Christian Wahl:
    “We need to reflect on how we will have to change individually and collectively to create this future. … We need to ask important questions about why and what if. We need to rediscover the common ground of the human community. This will enable us to co-create a future worth living in. We need a collective narrative about who we are and why we are worth sustaining, a shared story powerful enough to keep us all innovative, creative and collaborative as we question into the what, how, when and where”.

    It makes me thinking of things I heard 20 years ago with different words. So this makes me pose the following question:
    “How to act differently to make this great vision alive, as we failed so far at implementing it?”

  • Thank you Kosha and thank you Daniel for this wonderful conversation and exchange which, no doubt, is contributing to the spreading of new patterns. I wanted to echo the power of that growth and spread in & out of people having literally just experienced it within a community that, despite being virtual, has woven strong connection to the point of being able to experience synchronised evolution and tuning in from far apart. I believe this little thing important, because it offers another path for re-patterning in the present, weaving locally and continue engaged in the global conversation.

    Many many thanks!

    I also share Daniel’s view that science is not yet enabling us to provide the ‘explanation’ for what is happening in this space and, on a very practical and pragmatic approach I would welcome the sharing of any information about scientific work in this matter.

  • Rob Wheeler


    Daniel’s email address is: [email protected]

    Rob Wheeler

  • 12 feb 2020
    20 below C

    i was just pondering , when we speak of regenerating?
    what is meant….
    what is the focus of things to regenerate, all ? a bit,
    the good? the bad? the administration? the status quo?
    I would think that what needs regeneration first, is things
    that supply basic needs,for us and the planet.
    so focused regeneration or prioritized regeneration.


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