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Our Response to the Climate Emergency

February 1-10, 2020

Thomas Hübl

Modern Mystic, Spiritual Teacher, Founder of Sharing the Presence Association
Thomas Hübl

In Thomas' view, climate change is a crisis of relationship. Our cultures are built on the dark lakes of pain or trauma from the past. When cruelty is too stark to be integrated it leaves a mark on our individual and collective psyche. Healing of trauma can help us to ground and experience that our bodies are a part of the planet and climate change is a part of us. Communities can support us in our healing.

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  • Despair and Hope
  • Creativity as a potential for our world
  • Healing personal trauma of separation
  • Healing global trauma of climate change
  • Healing in community
  • Global social witnessing
Thomas Hübl

Thomas Hübl is a modern mystic, a spiritual teacher whose work integrates the core insights of the great wisdom traditions with the discoveries of contemporary science, illuminating both with his profound understanding. Through his German nonprofit organization Sharing the Presence e.V., he seeks to develop competencies through mutual learning, training and practice, to better face humanity’s global challenges. He is also the founder of the nonprofit Pocket Project, which aims to stop the vicious cycle of recurring collective trauma and ultimately reduce its effects on our global culture.


Sharing the Presence e.V.

The Pocket Project

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  • Craig Patterson

    You don’t feel despair perhaps because you are blinded by your privilege’s.
    Too bad you don’t have deep compassion and understanding for those who have deep despair like your neighbors (Palestine) which the Nazi’s in Israel are creating genocide.
    I’m not impressed …..

  • Kim

    Hi Thomas, Thank you much.

  • Greer

    I really appreciated that… gave me so many openings, connections and beautiful different cups in which to consider what I am able to contribute at this time.

  • Thank you Thomas, you did find very clear words to describe the connection between the inner and the outer crisis and how to find ways to the solution. It is such an important part, engaging ourselves in the world, to become more and more aware about the inner dimension, to be able to change the outer circumstances! I would love to find ways of cooperation in our work, we are doing. Warm greetings from Tamera! it was a good way to start the day, listening to your speech!

  • Dear Sabine, dear Thomas, I completly agree about the understanding of the connection of inner and outer world. In my own ‘world’ and in interaction with others.
    Thank you Thomas!
    Thank you Kosha!
    Thank you Sabine and Tamera!

  • Very touched Thomas!
    Same words same intention same energy – walking the talk – resonates deeply!
    Acting on what touches me – a deeper coherence felt – also!
    Understand also what is different – challenging and so important! Seeing the bigger picture helps!
    Our web of relations being the extension of our immune system – really interesting!
    Wishing you the best!!

  • Greta Irving

    Craig, Thomas has deep understanding. Perhaps you are unaware of the work Thomas does with Palestinians and Israelis, and in healing the trauma of the Holocaust?

  • Robert

    Craig – God, you sound very judgemental. Calling people Nazi’s, privileged. I hope you recover and realise you are sounding like the privileged one using this space to troll others.

  • Thank you Thomas for sharing your wisdom. And also for acknowledging the complexity of the path we have ahead.

  • Thank you Thomas for sharing your wisdom. And also for acknowledging the complexity of the path we have ahead.

  • Debra

    Thank you Thomas for your insights on global collective and personal trauma. Your talk is helping me to digest and process with compassion some recent violent and traumatic events in my community and to better understand our interrelatedness to each other.

    Many blessings to you and your good work!

  • LM

    Thank you Thomas for a coherent and insightful interview – it was very relevant and helpful for me in understanding the outbreak of the Coronavirus as a manifestation of a collective interior that is frozen and disengaged from healthy relationships with each other and with nature. To bring about responses that are effective towards building healthy systems, we certainly need to reach into a deeper place to disentangle and digest the individual and shared traumas that have become a function of this phenomenon, which in essence is a collective hyperactivity and resistance.

  • Dariusz

    Thank you! So clearly said. The core issue of trauma is to be worked on. I’m trying to visualise the ideas graphically.

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