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Our Response to the Climate Emergency

February 1-10, 2020

Sabine Lichtenfels

Peace Researcher, Co-founder of Tamera Ecovillage
Sabine Lichtenfels

Sabine is a renowned voice for questions of community- and peacebuilding that goes far beyond the human community. She shares examples from the Tamera Ecovillage and their way of cooperating with the wider community, based on the foundation of trust. To shift from fear to trust through truthful communication and to reconnect with the source of life is for her one of the most significant acts of our time.

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  • Introduction
  • Despair and hope
  • The planetary crisis
  • The Rojava movement and the link between peace, war and climate change
  • Rebuilding trust and community with the plant and animal kingdom
  • A practical example of cooperation from Tamera Ecovillage
  • Shifting from fear to trust in community
  • How can change happen?
  • The revolution of the sacred
Sabine Lichtenfels

Sabine Lichtenfels is an author, freelance theologian, peace activist and co-founder of the Tamera Ecovillage and Peace Research Center, Portugal. For decades she has been a source and internationally renowned voice for female peace knowledge as well as an authority for questions of building community and healing of love, both within and outside the community. She was nominated as one of the “1000 women for Peace” for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005”.



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  • Jen

    Oh, my heart feels softened and reminded of such ancient, deep truth about our relatedness, cells and organs of one body.

  • I am deeply inspired by this heartfelt, beautiful sharing. Thank you.

  • Arwén Akpolat

    With each day, with each talk I feel thankful for this summit and to feel in such an obvious way the interconnection between “activists for a better world”.

    Dear Kosha: your kind of communication, realy art of the heart, is such a joy to me!

    Dear Sabine: it is always a joy to see you and listen to your deep wisdom of life (also in the weekly morning meditation in the Ring of Stones, which I join at my place in Germany)!

    Yes, we are ALL connected ♡~♡~..☆..~♡~♡
    With all species, with Mother Earth, with all life in the universe: with all expressions of life.
    Yes, we communicate with this all. And if we are open to connect conciously, beautiful answers are to be heard. That’s what I feel and see each time, I am open and awake. To stay in this stage is still and again and again a big challenge to me in my current everydays life.

    Thank you ♡~☆~♡

  • Arina

    Thank you! I loved the story of the rat temple.

  • Il ne faut pas publier mon émail

  • Nice to know Sabine, an example. Peace and love, still our words, our MANIFEST, will change fear to trust fullness. Really good moment. Thank GEN. From Brazil. Up

  • Monique Reijers

    Thank you very much for this heartwarming interview. I also love the rat-story; it is so amazing how nature helps in so many ways. We only have to open ourself fearlessly (not always easy of course) and we’ll get all we need in abundance.

  • Hema

    Thank you for such an insightful sharing and showing the deep love for humanity and all beings. Lots of lessons learnt, thank you so much ♡

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