Communities for Future
Online Summit
Our Response to the Climate Emergency

February 1-10, 2020

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Spread the word and earn a 20% share from the sales of our post-summit package

The “Communities for Future – Our Response to the Climate Emergency”, 1-10th February 2020 is free with the Summit Package recordings being sold to those that want a permanent record. We offer you chance to earn 20% from the sales of our package through supporting us to spread the word.

(*Don’t worry about the “Paypal email” field, it is not mandatory)

This is how easy it is:

  1. You register to generate your unique affiliate link. (You can ignore the “Paypal email” field)
  2. Check our Communications Kit and use our social media copy.
  3. Inform your contacts with your personal link about our Communities for Future Summit. You can use any channel like e-mail, Facebook, a banner on your homepage, a newsletter to your contact list, etc.
  4. That’s it
  5. Now if any of your contacts end up purchasing the congress package you will automatically receive a 20% commission.

That means passive income without huge effort!

The technical behind-the-scenes

  • If any of your contacts clicks the link and purchases the package afterward (within 30 days), the payment system will automatically recognize it.
  • You will then receive a commission.

After clicking the partner link, the browser will save a cookie for recognition. If the contact now purchases the congress package, the payment system will recognize the cookie saying that the person was referred by you.

  • It’s recommended to advertise the congress multiple times, because of the “last-cookie” principle, meaning the last stored cookie determines who will get the provision so for example if the person you refer does not sign up right away but returns a second time to actually register, the commission will go the the last referrer.

When should I start sending along my partner link?

  • You should start as soon as possible! In the best case, you inform your contacts the week before the Summit (January 20-24) and again on the eve of the event (Jan 27-31), so that your contacts are able to watch most of the interviews.
  • It makes sense as well to share your partner link during the summit to motivate your contacts to watch the free videos (especially the ones which could interest them the most).
  • Interest in purchasing the package is usually generated after watching multiple videos.
  • Even if your contacts purchase the summit package AFTER the summit duration (within 30 days since the last time they used your affiliate link), you will receive your commission.
Summit 2020 Save date

Promotion material

There is text & pictures for your mailing, homepage or social media posts prepared in our Communication Kit. You can access the Summit Communication Kit here.


Do you have a questions with your partner programme? Do you need help setting up your affiliate link? Then just send us an email at:  [email protected].