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February 1-10, 2020

Marina Silva

Environmentalist, Brazilian Politican
Marina Silva

Marina's life story is immensely inspiring. She shares with us the precious wisdom that she harvested on her journey from living in and with the Amazon forest, moving to a monastery in the city, defending the trees with her own body as an activist, and having a huge positive impact through her role as minister of the environment. Marina tells us how we can support the Amazon forest right now and reminds us that, even if there is fear and doubt, it is crucial to remain committed to the right actions and be persistent, like Life is.

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  • Introduction
  • Living the rhythm of the forest and the rhythm of the city
  • Life lessons from late Amazon activist Chico Mendes
  • How she strategically reduced deforestation as a minister of the environment
  • An environmentalist's view on Bolsonaro's government
  • How can we support the Amazon now?
  • Brazil can be at the forefront of the new paradigm
Marina Silva

Marina Silva is a Brazilian politician and environmentalist. As a native Amazonian and first rubber tapper ever elected as senator, she built support for environmental protection of the reserves as well as for social justice and sustainable development in the Amazon region. She has become her country’s foremost environmentalist and was named a Champion of the Earth by the UN’s environment body in 2007 and was described by the Guardian as one of 50 people who can save the planet.

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  • Sepha

    Marina, what an inspiration! I love your vision for Brazil. May it be so!

  • Flavio januario jose

    Beautiful, Marina is the greatest example of sustainable political mind in Brazil and the world.

    Today (08/02) is her birthday!! ♡

    I hope that GEN help us to stablish a connect with Marina Silva to introduce the ecovillages concepts in her programs.

    Marina have the capacity to acces federal politicians and important people to help us with ecovillage laws and other incentives to spread ecovillages in Brazil.

    Please, if you can, tell her about our ecovillage law projects in Campinas-SP Brazil, Marina is accessible but I think that GEN could help to put more bond in this link.

    Thanks Marina and Thanks Kosha! ♡♡

    Flávio Januário.
    Instituto Flor do Anhumas de Práticas Sustentáveis.

  • What an inspiration. Thanks to Marina for her dedication to justice. I am watching from Queensland, Australia and am empowered by this message.

  • Bea Molanus-Winkel

    Happy Birthday Marina. From Australia best wishes to you. may you keep the gift of being a strong, inspiring and positive woman. Thank you for all you are doing in this challenging time.?

  • Thank you so much Marina. I am deeply touched by every word you shared here, and by your clarity, strength, and heartfulness. “A vida só é vida porque é persistente” ♡

  • Steven Halifax

    Happy Birthday Marina, we love you and appreciate you! Many more years, we need you!

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