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Our Response to the Climate Emergency

February 1-10, 2020

Visolela Namises

Namibian Politician, Human-Rights Activist
Visolela Namises

Visolela's message comes straight from a reality of community, deep relation with the land, and reverence for the power and fragility of nature. Her stories remind us how communities can be at the center of the preservation of our future. We hear about the situation in Africa regarding climate funds, climate injustice and the ongoing exploitation of local resources. We also get to know Visolela's beautiful vision for restoring the balance of Mother Earth and rewriting our legacy.

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  • Introduction
  • Challenged by drought - Praying for the rain
  • How climate change affects us on all levels of our being
  • Climate injustice, greedy exploitation and the need to transform it together
  • The way our elders harvested the Earth: let's rewrite our story
  • Communities provide for themselves and for the Future
Visolela Namises

Visolela Namises, nicknamed the "Rosa Luxemburg of Namibia", is a politician and human-rights activist. She is a former Member of Parliament and founding member of the Namibian Congress of Democrats. She is passionately known as a social, gender equality and human rights activist. Rosa is a founding member of Women’s Solidarity Namibia, a women’s organization fighting against gender based violence. She has done initiation, healing and the sacred dance ceremonies for both the Namibian and international communities. She is an active member of GEN Africa and Europe Network and serves on its Advisory Board.


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  • Sepha

    Visolela, I was so moved by your vision and your talk. Thank you.

  • Kim

    Thank you Visolela. I share your vision for turning everything off for a while. I’ve seen this possibility too. I’m holding it with you.

  • Merci beaucoup Mama Visolela, de croire que le changement est un fruit des efforts conjugué du jour au jour

  • Dearest Visolela. Life will always continue as long as souls like you are on Earth.
    And – what a simple solution – let’s stop the machines.
    I pray that the angelic are healing the greed of those not getting ever satisfied and eat up the planet.
    In gratitude

  • How to contact Ms. Namises?
    Michael Gluszczak
    Sloneczna 30 street
    96 321 Slubica Dobra
    [email protected]

  • Katy

    Thank You Visolela and Kosha,

    It was beautiful and I feel so touched by Grace to have spent some time with you. I love your vision of Time off, a Pause from machines. Blessings to you.

    Katy in Sarasota, Florida, US

  • Ann Acheson

    A collective Sabbeth.
    I am feeling into your vision Visolela,
    Thank you,

  • Annee Bury

    Dearest Mama Visolela, your words bring me to tears, to deep sadness and to deep so simple..lets just press the pause button..for now at least for now ..give Mama Earth some breathing space..I was in Botswana in November, saw the impact of draught with my own eyes, the cattle dying each day..people with no water, bush men losing thier wisdom and drinking, and your land seas are plundered for greed..lets each of us ask and call out for a pause and to ensure our umbilical cord is firmly attached to Mama Earth..blessings to you sweetest Mama

  • Ilona M.

    Thanks, this talk is deep thought and a wise solution to stop for while the production of Industry and take more care of our planet.

  • Zora Ignjatovic

    thank you so much. you are talking the wisdom. resting and giving time to nature to replenish.

  • Gerrie

    Looking to places in where natural systems are still in place, instead of focus on disaster, as part of the ongoing injustice. A presentation full of understanding and inspiration. Thanks a lot.

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